Water Department

Hydrant Flushing
The Water Department flushes hydrants two times a year. 
Flushing takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks to complete. The flushing is done to remove sediment from the water lines. Please check your water for discoloration before using and if discoloration is evident, run your cold water for a short period of time. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Town of Marlborough Water Department.

Billing & Payments

For information about making payments and standard billing, please contact the Supervisor's Office

Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

Click here to view the most recent Drinking Water Quality Report.

Lead and Copper Information

Click here to view lead and copper information from the Town of Marlborough Water Superintendent.

​Water Services

Please contact the Water Department for water services and instructions.  Click here to download an application for water service installation.  

Water Department Fees

Service Fee
Application for Tapping Water Main and Appurtenances*
Damage/Destruction of Water Meter due to Negligence or Freezing
Inspection - Each Service Line and Tap From Privately-Installed Main and Tap
Inspection - Privately-Installed Main and Tap
Meter and Connectors (Fees Apply to Standard 3/4" Tap)
Reapplication for Service (Reconnect to Main/Street Opening)
Replacement of Entire Water Meter
Road Cut for a Service Line - Crossing the Center of Road
Road Cut for a Service Line - Not Crossing the Center of Road
Turning on/off water
For residential use, includes and is limited to: corporation, curb valve, cub box, up to 25 feet of K-copper, and up to 4 hours of work.

Fees - Special Circumstances

Service or Product
Additional Meter Reading
$35 (Non-Cycle Billing)
Backhoe Use
$80 per Hour
Boring - Underneath Road Surfaces, Under 2 Years of Age
$55 per Linear Foot
Compressor Use
$50 per Hour
Dump Truck Use
$55 per Hour
List Price, per Foot
Labor - per Laborer $45 per Hour
One-Inch Taps