Dog Licenses


All dogs within the Town of Marlborough that are four months of age or older shall be licensed.  A numbered identification tag will be assigned and must be worn by the dog at all times. The license fee for neutered or spayed dogs is $6, while the fee for unneutered or unspayed dogs is $13.  Current rabies certificates must be furnished as well as proof of spay/neuter to obtain a dog license.  A dog license is valid for 1 year from the date of issuance. Yearly renewal reminders will be sent to the dog owner. The license may be renewed by mail or in-person at this office with payment and proof of current rabies inoculation.

Click here for a mail in dog licence form for new licenses.  Please include proof of residency (ex. copy of valid driver's license with current address, utility bill, or rental agreement) 
Type of Dog License or Service
Annual License Fee - Spayed/Neutered Dogs $6
Annual License Fee - Unspayed/Unneutered Dogs $13
$30 per day
Purebred license 10 dogs or less 
$25 plus state surcharge
Purebred license 11-25 dogs 
$50 plus state surcharge
Purebred license 26 dogs or more 
$100 plus state surcharge
Replacement Tag