Woodpeckers You Might See at the Park

Primarily all woodpeckers eat insects.  They will also eat fruit, acorns, and nuts. 


Description - Smallest in this group
White back, black wings with white spots and black bars on its white tail feathers.  Male has a small red spot on the back of its head
Downy Woodpecker Male (Eastern)


Description - Same coloring as the Downy but slightly larger and a larger beak
Hairy Woodpecker Male (Eastern)

Northern Flicker

Description - Brown barred back, spotted chest and under parts with a black crescent under the beak
Northern Flicker Male (Yellow-shafted)

Red Bellied

Description - Black and white barred back, white upper tail patch, male crown and nape of head is red, only the nape of the female is red
Red-bellied Woodpecker Male


Description - Largest of woodpeckers in North America (up to 16 1/12" in length)
Mostly all black with white under beak, white line down neck to body, bright red cap to the back of head
Pileated Woodpecker Female